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 There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use in products we use everyday. Sometimes it seems like you have to have a chemistry degree to figure out which ones are safe and which ones might lead to serious health problems like cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, hormone problems, and more.

That’s where we come in. In addition to certifying products are made with safe ingredients not known to harm human health or the environment, we believe in educating people on easy ways to avoid toxic chemicals in the first place. Because studies show that even small steps, like switching cosmetics or eating less plastic-packaged food, can significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals in your body.

Learn more below about harmful chemicals in everyday products and safer alternatives.

Toxic chemicals in air fresheners image
Air Fresheners

Our constant exposure to air freshener chemicals is cause for concern.

Toxic Chemicals in Baby Products graphic
Baby & Child Products

Our babies and children are uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemicals.

Toxic Chemicals in Bedding graphic

If you’re going to choose one room in your house to detox, start where you sleep.

Toxic chemicals in body wash image
Body Wash

What are we cleansing our bodies with every day – and what’s washing down the drain?

Toxic Chemicals in Bug Repellent graphic
Bug Repellent

Common ingredients of harm and natural alternatives.

Toxic chemicals in candles image

There’s nothing relaxing about the indoor air pollution associated with candles.

Toxic Chemicals in Cleaning Products graphic
Cleaning Products

Find cleaners without harmful chemicals that are safe to use.

Toxic Chemicals in Dental Floss graphic
Dental Floss

Have you ever considered what’s in your floss?

Toxic chemicals in deodorant graphic

A look at some of the most common toxic ingredients in deodorant to be avoided.

Toxic Chemicals in Dish Detergent graphic
Dish Detergent

Many conventional dish detergents contain harsh ingredients that are damaging to human and environmental health.

Toxic Chemicals in Dry Cleaning graphic
Dry Cleaning

Tetrachloroethylene – commonly referred to as “perc” –  is a probable carcinogen.

Toxic chemicals in textiles image
Fabric & Textiles

Have you ever stopped to wonder what chemicals are in your clothing?

Toxic Chemicals in Fragrance graphic

Many common fragrance ingredients can be harmful to health.

Toxic Chemicals in Hair Dye graphic
Hair Dye

Common dye chemicals are associated with negative health effects.

Toxic chemicals in hand sanitizer image
Hand Sanitizer

The first thing to consider when shopping for hand sanitizer is the active ingredient.

Toxic chemicals in hand soap image
Hand Soap

Hand soap: you use it every day, but have you ever turned the bottle around to see what’s in there?

Toxic Chemicals in Your Home graphic
Home Detox

10 steps to get toxic chemicals out of your home.

Toxic Chemicals in Jewelry image

In additional to toxicity concerns, fast-fashion jewelry contributes to pollution.

Toxic chemicals in period products image
Period Products

Most pads and tampons aren’t actually made with cotton.

Toxic chemicals in pet beds image
Pet Beds

Just as harmful substances are found in many human mattresses and beds, similar harmful substances are common in pet beds.

Toxic Chemicals in Plastics graphic

How to avoid toxic chemicals in plastics.

Toxic Chemicals in Preservatives graphic

Keeping products shelf-stable without the toxicants.

Toxic chemicals in sexual health products graphic
Sexual Health Products

Products that rarely get talked about, for obvious reasons.

Toxic Chemicals in Shampoo graphic
Shampoo & Conditioner

Such essential products don’t contain harmful chemicals…right?

Toxic Chemicals in Sunscreen graphic

The key to finding an effective and safe sunscreen.

Toxic chemicals in wipes graphic

Wipes are everywhere. Including our oceans.