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There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use in products we use everyday. Sometimes it seems like you have to have a chemistry degree to figure out which ones are safe and which ones might lead to serious health problems like cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, hormone problems, and more.

That’s where we come in. In addition to certifying products are made with safe ingredients not known to harm human health or the environment, we believe in educating people on easy ways to avoid toxic chemicals in the first place. Because studies show that even small steps, like switching cosmetics or eating less plastic-packaged food, can significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals in your body.

Learn more below about harmful chemicals in everyday products and safer alternatives.

Toxic chemicals in baby products graphic
Baby & Child Products

Our babies and children are uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemicals.


If you’re going to choose one room in your house to detox, start where you sleep.

Bug repellent infographic
Bug Repellent

Common ingredients of harm and and natural alternatives.

Toxic chemicals in cleaners
Cleaning Products

Find cleaners without harmful chemicals that are safe to use.


Deodorant and antiperspirant can contain many toxic chemicals.

Perc image
Dry Cleaning

Tetrachloroethylene – commonly referred to by its nickname “perc” –  is a probable carcinogen.

Toxic Chemicals in Femcare graphic
Feminine Care

Most pads and tampons aren’t actually made with cotton.

Fragrance infographic

Many common fragrance ingredients can be harmful to health.

Toxic chemicals in hair dye graphic
Hair Dye

Common dye chemicals are associated with negative health effects.

Ten Simple Ways to Detox Your Home
Home Detox

10 steps to get toxic chemicals out of your home.


How to avoid toxic chemicals in plastics.

Personal care bottles

Keeping products shelf-stable without the toxicants.

Sexual Health Products

Products that rarely get talked about, for obvious reasons.

Shampoo infographic
Shampoo & Conditioner

Such essential products don’t contain harmful chemicals…right?

Sunscreen graphic

The key to finding an effective and safe sunscreen.