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New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Pure Natural Cleaners

Over the years, Blaine Burgan’s family business has evolved, from laundromat owner to home cleaning product entrepreneur. You might think the laundromat was the reason he created his own brand of laundry detergent, but that is only part of the reason. In fact, like many entrepreneurs, Burgan’s expansion was born of a need. His three children had allergic reactions to conventional laundry detergents (including skin irritations and common cold symptoms).


A Breakthrough in Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

Liquid Dish Detergent blog image

What we wash our dishes with matters. The soap we use matters. Dishwashing detergent uses powerful cleansing agents that break apart the food debris, removing oil and residues left behind. Have you ever had a really dirty pan? How relieved were you when the soap lifted that congealed mess right off the surface? Of course, there’s the joy of suds too. Those sudsing agents can help get dishes clean. Plus, there’s fragrance and colors – ever wonder what they do?


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from AYUNA

Ayuna product graphicAYUNA’s origins go back to the beginning of the 2000s when founders Isabel Ramos, PhD and Begoña Sanjuan met at work. Their years of professional experience in the cosmetics industry along with their mutual vision for a radically different approach to skincare led to the creation of AYUNA • Less is Beauty.


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from SHIMMER CHEF

SHIMMER CHEF Complete Set imageJennifer Villegas Sanford has been experimenting with creating her own recipes for skin care since she was a teen. First for herself, to try and find something to help clear up her acne. Later, as a mother she returned to her kitchen to cook up a remedy for her infant daughter’s eczema. Not surprisingly, she was successful. As she delved into what might have caused the eczema, the harsh chemicals in the family’s laundry detergent became the prime suspect.


The Elusive Everyday SPF

Elusive SPF blog graphic

You’ve done a thorough job eliminating plastic, you eat organic when possible, and you are always on the hunt for more sustainable products. Sadly, when it comes to everyday SPF skincare products, you find the offerings sparse. At MADE SAFE we believe you shouldn’t have to apply potentially harmful ingredients to your skin in order to be protected from harmful UV exposure. After all, our skin is our largest organ and despite providing a physical barrier to the outside world, it still allows chemicals to enter our bloodstream.


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Blueland

Blueland facial cleanser graphicSarah Paiji Yoo was already an experienced entrepreneur when she started Blueland. The difference this time, was that she had become a mom. Something about that redirected her focus toward creating a product that would leave a better world for her children and future generations. Yoo’s motivation went beyond focusing on the product (which she knew had to be effective and made with safe ingredients). Additionally, she wanted Blueland’s products to be contained in and delivered to consumers in a way that would eliminate single-use plastic and water waste.


Calling Green Youth Activists!

Become a MADE SAFE-Trained Youth Ambassador

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Are you into protecting the planet? Are you always talking with people about ways to minimize their impact or carbon footprint? Do you want to do something to reduce humanity’s negative impact on our air, water, and soil? Maybe you already know a lot about being “green” but you’d like to better understand what is driving the destruction of our environment and deepen your green to learn about chemicals and their impact.

If you’re passionate about learning and taking action on the climate crisis, join our program to become a MADE SAFE®-trained Youth Ambassador.


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Natural Sloth

Natural Sloth product photoTatiana Morris and her husband began selling their beeswax candles and other essential oil-derived products in 2019. Their business, Natural Sloth, is committed to creating products for the home that not only smell good but are safer to use. The company’s mission — to create a healthy, toxin-free home using only natural ingredients — was the motivation behind its creation. A few years before the formal start of Natural Sloth, after experiencing some family health issues, Tatiana began researching essential oils. She learned they can be powerful mood boosters, so she began experimenting with candle making and other ways to harness the benefits of natural fragrances.


MADE SAFE Solutions for Safer School Supplies

safe school supplies 2022 image

August is fast-approaching, which means you might be prepping for your kids to head back to school. You’ve likely been given a long list of school supplies to buy. Unfortunately, many common back-to-school items can contain toxic ingredients.


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The Problem with “Disappearing” Plastics


What's Inside Detergent Pods graphic

Convenience is often the reason we buy certain products. Take dishwasher and laundry pods or “sheets.” Do we need them? Truthfully, we could measure out powder or liquid detergent, but these small household helpers have become cleaning staples in many homes due to their ease of use. All you need to do is pop one of these pods, tabs, sheets or strips into your machine – no measuring – and voilà: spotless dishes or clean clothes. These human-made modern miracles not only save you time, but in the end, you’re left with… nothing! Hallelujah!

But do they really disappear?