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We Work with Retailers to:

• Establish shelf space for MADE SAFE®  products. We connect retailers with companies whose products are certified.

• Strengthen product safety policies by customizing a program to help make buying, sourcing, and labeling of safe ingredients and products easier.

Why Work with Us:

• Increase revenue: Potential for up-selling higher value items per purchase.

• Bring in foot traffic: People will search out stores carrying MADE SAFE
products and/or shelf space.

• Ease your chemical conundrum: Use our Ingredient Database to determine products that are safe from toxic chemicals.

• Differentiate: Stand out from competitors by offering clear, easy and transparent ways to find safer products.

• Engender loyalty: Loyalty feeds on itself, creating yet another reason for consumers to patronize your business.

• Do good: Bring nontoxic goods to the masses at affordable prices and reap rewards for your work by accelerating this program as part of your cause marketing.

To learn more or become involved, email Executive Manager Jenny Brady at