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MADE SAFE® certification is rigorous and unique. Brands who have undergone certification report that they learn from our process and are proud to bestow our seal on their products. See more about our Screening Process, and learn how we work with brands from behind-the-scenes ingredient work to full certification.

Our fees are based on a sliding scale. To get started working with us and request an estimate, please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you within 10-15 business days.

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We offer Initial Look screening for a selection of products as an introduction to the MADE SAFE certification process. How many products would you like to submit for Initial Look?

How many products would you ideally like to submit for MADE SAFE certification over the next 12 months?

How many products do you make/sell in total?

The MADE SAFE trademark is approved for use in the US, UK, EU, Canada and India. Brands are not permitted to use the MADE SAFE seal in any other countries at this time and must pay fees PER market used. Indicate that you understand you may only use the seal in approved markets, if seal is obtained:

I understand and will comply with the market restrictions, if granted the seal.I cannot comply with the market restrictions.

Which countries would you be selling your certified products to?

What is your ballpark yearly gross revenue in U.S. dollars? (Documentation of Gross Revenue is required.)
If brand or products are not launched, please provide projected/estimated revenue for the first year:

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