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MADE SAFE is the only comprehensive human health certification screening products across a wide array of household categories. We give shoppers a way to know which products are safe to use, as well as work with brands to provide a roadmap for manufacturing products with MADE SAFE ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health or ecosystems.

From certification to behind-the-scenes ingredient work, Made Safe brings world-class science to companies of every size, making it possible for companies to afford scientific, deeply researched and chemist-analyzed ingredient information. We’ve developed a 360-degree approach for examining ingredients to consider human health, environmental persistence, off-gassing, as well as aquatic and animal toxicity. By providing this information, formulators, brands, and retailers can learn where potential issues may exist, how to manufacture MADE SAFE approved products, and develop strategies to become part of a circular economy.

The MADE SAFE Screening Process uses a hazard-based approach that identifies potentially problematic ingredients and encourages substitution. We aim to close data gaps on ingredients, even those currently in use in the marketplace. Our process allows Made Safe to determine, using current available science, if an ingredient is expected to harm humans or the wider ecosystem.

This approach is different from all other programs in existence and is a critical step toward a safe and sustainable future where we eliminate harmful chemicals and materials from production and use.

Determine Which Made Safe Program to Pursue 

Initial Look Screening

Brands may begin their work with Initial Look screening for a few of their products for a flat-fee of $500 per product (each color and scent are considered a unique product). By conducting an Initial Look we can guide to the appropriate next steps.

With Initial Look screening, brands sign an NDA and supply limited ingredient information, similar to what is on-package. Occasionally we may request further documentation, but at this stage it’s optional as to whether or not a brand chooses to furnish it. Any unknown chemicals will be otherwise marked as data gap items.

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MADE SAFE Certification

Products carrying the revolutionary MADE SAFE (Made With Safe Ingredients) seal are a major step toward creating a healthy and sustainable product marketplace. With this seal, brands can demonstrate confidently that their products have been screened to ensure that no known toxic chemicals are used. This gives shoppers comfort at the point of purchase that products are safe for use on their bodies, with their families, and in their homes.

Our certification is rigorous, scientific, and unique. We ask that brands commit to the goal of certifying 75% of products over time and we will recognize those efforts along the way. We want to help brands craft MADE SAFE products, and we work closely with brands undergoing this process, as well as on an ongoing basis on new ingredients, products, and innovation.

What we are doing is revolutionary. We are, for the very first time, providing rules for making products from a base of MADE SAFE ingredients. The MADE SAFE seal is an incredible badge of honor. Brands with certified products report that they learn from our process and are proud to bestow our seal on their products. Our participating brands are pioneers for a safe and sustainable future.

We work under NDA to ensure privacy. Once brands are ready to publicize their efforts with us, we pour our energy into advocacy and raising consumer awareness.

Certification fees are based on a sliding scale depending on scale, scope, markets sold, etc. 

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Other Ingredient Services
Brands must be Supporters or undergoing the MADE SAFE certification process to access these services.

Compound Analysis
Our compound analysis work provides a material check that ensures raw materials and/or ingredients are as expected and don’t have contamination. We use this service prior to lab testing as well to ensure that products are made with items that are on the label. This looks at the primary peaks under Mass Spectrometry and uses other techniques as necessary.

In the current climate of consumer mistrust, it is not enough for a brand to take suppliers at their word for providing pure products. Ultimately a brand is at stake if their suppliers aren’t submitting exactly what they say at the levels they claim are in their ingredients. The only way to ensure that products are not being tainted from unexpected, un-labeled preservatives, supply chain contamination, and more is to validate through compound analysis testing. It is important for companies to have evidence that raw ingredients and mixtures are indeed as labeled and expected.

Ingredient Research Analysis
Become part of our Ingredient Research team by donating money to our fund to conduct unique research to close data gaps and inform the community about ingredients in question.

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MADE SAFE Supporter Program

This program is for brands that support the Made Safe principles and may be interested in working with us to begin examining their processes and ingredients. It’s also a good place for brands to start that are interested in certification as a first step.

As part of becoming a Supporter, brands may use our Supporter of Made Safe artwork on their website, on social media, and other PR materials (not on product or packaging).

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Get Pricing for Certification

To learn more about our pricing (we do have a sliding scale) or what is right for your brand, please request a pricing estimate below:

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