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supporter icon graphicOur MADE SAFE Ingredient Supporter Program

Email Jenny Brady at to request to become a MADE SAFE Ingredient Supporter or to learn more.

MADE SAFE® is the first and only comprehensive human health certification that screens products across all non-food categories. We work with companies to provide a road map for manufacturing products entirely with ingredients safe for humans and the environment, highlighting a company’s commitment to what consumers prize above all: their own health and the health of their loved ones.

A crucial part of this road map is working with companies behind the scenes on a variety of efforts while providing consumer-facing opportunities to market company initiatives that are changing how products are made—whether your brand is just starting to look at this or if you’ve been doing it for years. We make it easy to convey your sustainability efforts to consumers from a trusted third-party validation system.

Becoming a MADE SAFE Ingredient Supporter allows companies to:

  • Leverage existing sustainability efforts and strengthen efforts to drive purchasing decisions through Cause Marketing / Corporate Social Responsibility work.
  • Demonstrate that your company:
    1. Supports and values ingredient research.
    2. Is part of an ongoing conversation between scientists, innovators, NGOs and consumers around safer products, ingredients and supply-chain sourcing.
    3. Is committed to what customers care most about: their own health. (Often termed “sustainability” at companies but does not speak to the consumer values and buying habits.)
    4. Is part of a movement of forward-thinking, values-driven brands that today’s conscious consumer looks to make purchases from.

MADE SAFE Ingredient Supporter program fee includes:

  1. PR Kit
  1. Supporters may receive (one) one hour session on ingredients and the Made Safe approach.
  1. One week early access to MADE SAFE Emerging Chemicals of Concern Findings
  1. 5% discount to Made Safe Innovation & Sustainability Course

Email Jenny Brady at to request to become a MADE SAFE Ingredient Supporter or to learn more.