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Choosing the Right Sunscreen this Season

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Safe sunscreen is one of the products that concerned consumers ask about most. We want to protect our skin from the damaging, possibly carcinogenic rays while enjoying time outdoors, in nature, getting sun-kissed without having to worry about chemicals. Sadly, sunscreen is complicated. Sometimes the chemicals that are designed to protect skin can be harmful to our health in other ways and harsh to other elements in nature, particularly aquatic life such as fish or coral reefs.

Does this mean we should skip the sunscreen?


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MADE SAFE Tips for Your Safer Sunscreen Search

When it comes to finding safer sunscreen, it can be difficult navigating the many options out there. In this post, we highlight some of the active ingredients to avoid, and offer better alternatives. We’ve also listed MADE SAFE® certified sunscreen options to help you shop with confidence. If you just want the product recommendations, skip to the bottom!


Safe Sun: Tips for Choosing a Safer Sunscreen

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As spring blossoms into a full roar, each day feels sunnier and sunnier. At Made Safe, we’re welcoming rapidly greening grass, the beginnings of spring flowers, and the feeling of sunshine on our faces after its long siesta.

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