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UVA rays

The Elusive Everyday SPF

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You’ve done a thorough job eliminating plastic, you eat organic when possible, and you are always on the hunt for more sustainable products. Sadly, when it comes to everyday SPF skincare products, you find the offerings sparse. At MADE SAFE we believe you shouldn’t have to apply potentially harmful ingredients to your skin in order to be protected from harmful UV exposure. After all, our skin is our largest organ and despite providing a physical barrier to the outside world, it still allows chemicals to enter our bloodstream.


MADE SAFE New Year’s Revolution – JUNE Sunscreen Challenge

June New Years Revolution imageIt’s Summertime! The start of another summer season means welcoming things like corn-on-the-cob, swimming, and lots of time spent outside. Yet it also brings the annual struggle to find a sunscreen that will protect your skin on long summer days in the sun without harming humans or aquatic life.

To help, here is a review of the nastiest ingredients in common sunscreen products to avoid.


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