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True Botanicals

Introducing the World’s First MADE SAFE Brand

True Botanicals social postTrue Botanicals has just become the first MADE SAFE™ Brand in the world. This means that not only they certify every single product in their current line, they also committed formulating every single future product in accordance with the stringent MADE SAFE standard.

Why is this a big (huge!) deal? Here’s why: there are approximately 85,000 chemicals in use today on the marketplace and hundreds of new ones are created annually–but very few of them have been tested for their long-term impacts on our health. (more…)

True Botanicals Becomes the First MADE SAFE Brand in the World


All products from True Botanicals are made entirely with safe ingredients not known to be toxic to humans or the environment.

True Botanicals MADE SAFE BrandTrue Botanicals is leading the way in formulating some of the healthiest and purest personal care products on the U.S. market. The company recently became the first MADE SAFE Brand in the world, with a commitment to make every single product—and all future products—in accordance to the stringent standards of the MADE SAFE™ (Made With Safe Ingredients) certification program. (more…)

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