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True Botanicals

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Made Safe stocking stuffer gifts image

Picking out non-toxic gifts is difficult, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers. Too often we end up filling stockings with plastic trinkets and toxic personal care products (unknowingly exposing our loved ones to harmful chemicals) and things that our giftee just plain won’t use. Our team has taken the guesswork out by creating a list of our favorite MADE SAFE® certified products that your family will love (and actually use!) this holiday season. (more…)

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Gift Guide: Personal Care & Cosmetics

Personal care gifts image

Personal care products and cosmetics are a common holiday gift, but ones that are truly safe and effective can be difficult to find. And all of us at Made Safe know that the holiday season means busy, busy, busy—no time to research ingredients and investigate products. This is why our team does the heavy lifting for you. All of the products in our gift guide are MADE SAFE® certified. (more…)

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Parabens in Personal Care Products

Parabens icon imageThis October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re highlighting common chemicals linked to breast cancer across a range of everyday products. According to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, a woman’s risk of breast cancer has increased by more than 40% over the last two decades, to a lifetime risk of 1 in 8. (more…)

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The Truth About Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo infographicThis week, we’re bringing you the facts on your beloved hair care products. We use shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. You’d think that such essential products would be simple to make and wouldn’t contain harmful chemicals, right?

Shampoos and conditioners are made with ingredients that are very common, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily safe to use. (more…)

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3 Wellness Resolutions + Giveaways to Help You Keep Them

Nontoxic Giveaway image

Want some ideas for New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep? When it comes to resolving to get harmful chemicals out of your daily routine, you can’t go wrong. There are easy changes you can make and stick to, and they make a difference. Even the smallest step to live healthier can decrease the likelihood of health problems linked to toxic ingredients, like obesity, fertility problems or learning disabilities.

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MADE SAFE Gift Guide


Recommendations from Founder Amy Ziff

Gift Guide

This holiday season, I’m thrilled to give you this guide of healthier options to make your shopping easier. No one wants to accidentally give a toxic gift, but it can be confusing to figure out what’s safe and what’s not.

I developed the MADE SAFE™ seal because I believe it shouldn’t be so hard to find things that are made with safe ingredients. While only the gift recommendations in bold are MADE SAFE certified, I generally like the direction all of these companies are taking and trust that they are making better products than many on the market. (more…)

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Introducing the World’s First MADE SAFE Brand

True Botanicals social postTrue Botanicals has just become the first MADE SAFE™ Brand in the world. This means that not only they certify every single product in their current line, they also committed formulating every single future product in accordance with the stringent MADE SAFE standard.

Why is this a big (huge!) deal? Here’s why: there are approximately 85,000 chemicals in use today on the marketplace and hundreds of new ones are created annually–but very few of them have been tested for their long-term impacts on our health. (more…)

True Botanicals Becomes the First MADE SAFE Brand in the World


All products from True Botanicals are made entirely with safe ingredients not known to be toxic to humans or the environment.

True Botanicals MADE SAFE BrandTrue Botanicals is leading the way in formulating some of the healthiest and purest personal care products on the U.S. market. The company recently became the first MADE SAFE Brand in the world, with a commitment to make every single product—and all future products—in accordance to the stringent standards of the MADE SAFE™ (Made With Safe Ingredients) certification program. (more…)

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