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Pure Natural Cleaners

New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Pure Natural Cleaners

Over the years, Blaine Burgan’s family business has evolved, from laundromat owner to home cleaning product entrepreneur. You might think the laundromat was the reason he created his own brand of laundry detergent, but that is only part of the reason. In fact, like many entrepreneurs, Burgan’s expansion was born of a need. His three children had allergic reactions to conventional laundry detergents (including skin irritations and common cold symptoms).


A Breakthrough in Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

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What we wash our dishes with matters. The soap we use matters. Dishwashing detergent uses powerful cleansing agents that break apart the food debris, removing oil and residues left behind. Have you ever had a really dirty pan? How relieved were you when the soap lifted that congealed mess right off the surface? Of course, there’s the joy of suds too. Those sudsing agents can help get dishes clean. Plus, there’s fragrance and colors – ever wonder what they do?


The Problem with “Disappearing” Plastics


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Convenience is often the reason we buy certain products. Take dishwasher and laundry pods or “sheets.” Do we need them? Truthfully, we could measure out powder or liquid detergent, but these small household helpers have become cleaning staples in many homes due to their ease of use. All you need to do is pop one of these pods, tabs, sheets or strips into your machine – no measuring – and voilà: spotless dishes or clean clothes. These human-made modern miracles not only save you time, but in the end, you’re left with… nothing! Hallelujah!

But do they really disappear?


MADE SAFE’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

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Spring is nature’s way of offering a fresh beginning. With the season upon us, we’re reminded to take stock and start anew – which must be why so many people feel inspired to do spring cleaning!  Below, you will find our list of areas to focus on cleaning this spring, including product recommendations to help you get the job done. There’s no need to use the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products that pollute your indoor air and harm your health. The MADE SAFE® Certified products we recommend below have earned the MADE SAFE seal by going through our rigorous certification process to ensure that they are ecosystem-sound, meaning they are safe for humans, the environment, and the fellow creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

Happy ‘clean’ cleaning!


New Year’s Revolution

MADE SAFE New Year's Revolution imageAs we look forward to the year ahead here at MADE SAFE, we’re going beyond resolutions by kicking off a year-long revolt against the toxic consumer products that are in our homes.

We’re calling it a New Year’s Revolution.


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Made Safe Announces Our 1000th Certified Product

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A Message from Made Safe Founder, Amy Ziff

Break out the organic champagne! Made Safe is proud to announce that we’ve hit a major milestone: We’ve certified our 1000th product!


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