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MADE SAFE Tips for Your Safer Bug Repellent Search

Safer bug repellent blog graphicFinding a safer bug repellent can be a real buzzkill. Conventional bug repellents often contain a combination of active ingredients that are listed on the label, and inert ingredients that are typically not labeled. In many cases chemicals linked to human and environmental harm are found included in these products. Thankfully, there are safer approaches to keep those bugs away. To help you navigate the chemical confusion, we’re identifying a few of the top ingredient offenders and exploring alternative options. As always, the best way to shop products that have been vetted for human and environmental health is to look for the MADE SAFE® seal—scroll to the bottom for MADE SAFE certified bug solutions.


10 Ways to Live Less Toxic in 2021

Live less toxic blog post image2021: A brand new year to live a less toxic lifestyle. To start, we are kicking off the year with 10 ideas to begin this commitment right now. In your own home. We recommend starting this new year by picking one or two items that you can work toward immediately and then pace yourself in working toward the others.

Living a healthier lifestyle is not a quick fix. What matters most is taking consistent steps where you can and as you are able.


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MADE SAFE New Year’s Revolution – JULY Bug Repellent Challenge

July New Years Revolution graphicWith another summer season well underway, you may be on the search for something to keep the bugs at bay. Many conventional bug repellent options are often teeming with concerning chemicals, but that doesn’t mean that you have to choose between being eaten alive and making better choices for your health.


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#ChemicalCallout: Permethrin & Pyrethrins

Permethrin featured imageWhen most of us think of pesticides, we generally think of crops. However, pesticides can end up in our homes and bodies in ways beyond just food. Products like over-the-counter lice treatments, pet shampoos, gardening products, and bug sprays can all contain registered pesticides too. This blog contains information about two pesticides – permethrin and pyrethrins – how they can find their way into your home and ways you can minimize your exposure. 


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Less Toxic Ways to Repel Ticks

Photo of family running in woods

It’s the end of summer, you can feel it. The warm, sunny days to be followed by crisp, temperate nights of autumn. Back-to-school excitement hangs in the air. There’s football season, school plays, friends new and old. The leaves begin to turn. We love autumn.

And so do the ticks.


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