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Certified Apparel blog imageWhen it comes to conventional fashion, the more you know, the more you start to look at your closet differently. Shopping becomes not just about how a piece fits, how much it costs, and how much you love it. As you learn more about the fashion industry, you start asking yourself how clothing was made, who made the piece, and what it’s made of.


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#ChemicalCallout: Silver Nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles graphic

What Are They?

Silver nanoparticles are increasingly being used in a number of products. Nanoparticles are extremely small units of a substance. Generally, nanoparticles can be 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. However, there is currently no scientific consensus on the  precise size of a nanoparticle. The European Union defines nanomaterials as between 1 and 100 nanometers (along with some other defining features), but a number of organizations recommend that the definition for food ingredients be 500 nanometers and below.


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