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MADE SAFE certified

New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship product photoFounder Jana Blankenship started her personal care product company Captain Blankenship in 2009 with a passion for organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. Drawing inspiration from her own experience with chemical sensitivity, Jana (pronounced like Yana) developed an appreciation for effective natural ingredients in products. She found, with diligence and determination, it was possible to formulate efficacious hair care while still being gentle on humans and the environment. If you think that sounds like a good match for MADE SAFE – it is!


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Divine Tandav

Divine Tandav blog post graphicWe are thrilled to introduce new MADE SAFE® Certified personal care products from Divine Tandav. Formulated using traditional family recipes handed down through the generations, Divine Tandav’s founder, Muktha, has a wealth of wisdom to share when it comes to natural botanicals. Divine Tandav is committed to making effective products that safeguard the health of humans and the environment, which has led them to MADE SAFE Certification. Learn more about Divine Tandav’s story and their newly MADE SAFE Certified products in our exclusive interview with Muktha.


MADE SAFE’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

MADE SAFE's Guide to Safe Cleaning image

Spring is nature’s way of offering a fresh beginning. With the season upon us, we’re reminded to take stock and start anew – which must be why so many people feel inspired to do spring cleaning!  Below, you will find our list of areas to focus on cleaning this spring, including product recommendations to help you get the job done. There’s no need to use the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products that pollute your indoor air and harm your health. The MADE SAFE® Certified products we recommend below have earned the MADE SAFE seal by going through our rigorous certification process to ensure that they are ecosystem-sound, meaning they are safe for humans, the environment, and the fellow creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

Happy ‘clean’ cleaning!


How to Find Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Natural shampoo and conditioner graphic

Finding the healthiest natural shampoo and conditioner can be difficult. Conventional shampoos contain many ingredients of concern like parabens and sodium laureth sulfate, but identifying the ingredients to avoid can be tricky. MADE SAFE helps break it down!

Read our guide on Toxic Chemicals in Shampoo & Conditioner to learn more about the kinds of ingredients to avoid in your hair care routine.


New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Five Tips for Avoiding Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in 2022

New Years EDC blog image

The start of a New Year is always the time to ponder new beginnings—new habits we want to commit to, resolutions on moving toward a better version of ourselves, or simply showing up in the world as our true selves. Our goals can often be broad or specific. With so many ideas it can often become hard to deliver. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to live a healthier lifestyle, we can help! We have step-by-step opportunities for you to increase your well-being by eliminating everyday, household toxins from your life. Try these five practical tips in the coming year and check off those goals!


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MADE SAFE Tips for Nontoxic Holidays

Enjoy the Season Without Compromising Your Health and Sustainability Goals

Tips for a nontoxic holiday graphic

The holiday season brings many things to look forward to—time with family and friends, intentionality, good food, and cozy memory-making moments. With so much else going on in this season, making healthier decisions can get set aside because, well, who has the time for that right now?!

The answer is, that’s the job of MADE SAFE! So, we put together our top tips for making healthier choices – especially during the holiday season.

Check out some of our favorite ways to make the holidays safe and sustainable below.


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New MADE SAFE Certified Products from EllaOla

EllaOla duo announcement graphicWe are excited to introduce two MADE SAFE Certified products from EllaOla: 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil and Organic Diaper Rash Cream. EllaOla makes products for little ones, focusing on scientific, plant-based formulations. The formulations are developed in partnership with leading experts in the fields of dermatology and pediatrics, with a commitment to gentle and effective baby skincare.


Raise the Green Bar 2021 – Presented by MADE SAFE + Good Housekeeping

Raise the Green Bar 2021 logoRaise the Green Bar is an annual event hosted by MADE SAFE and Good Housekeeping. It was created to help consumers, companies and industries create more sustainable products and practices. With keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and Q&A sessions, the summit focuses on guiding manufacturers, marketers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to maximize their brands’ sustainability efforts. (more…)

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Toxic Chemicals in Pet Beds

Toxic chemicals in pet beds imageFor anyone with a beloved furry friend, we all know just how much our pets feel like members of our family. Many of us are vigilant about various aspects of our pet’s health such as their food, exercise and supplements, but perhaps we haven’t considered the ways our pets may be exposed to toxicants in our own homes.


Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the Home

EDCs in the home graphicEndocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are substances in the environment, usually manmade, that mimic, block or interfere with hormones in the body’s endocrine system. They’re found in a wide variety of consumer goods including carpets, cookware, household dust, fragranced products, furniture, paints, personal care products, plastics, pesticides, certain pharmaceuticals, and unfiltered drinking water (due to contamination).



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