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New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Muses

Muses Neck Potion 9 imageMuses Founder, Susan Rockefeller, and MADE SAFE Executive Director and Founder, Amy Ziff, have been engaged in a conversation over ingredients, the search for pure products and the need for integrity in manufacturing for years. As an advisor to MADE SAFE, Sue understands more than most the impact that brands can have by acting as changemakers and catalysts for a better future. She also knows firsthand how products can be part of protecting and preserving our entire ecosystem rather than the cause of harm.


10 Ways to Live Less Toxic in 2021

Live less toxic blog post image2021: A brand new year to live a less toxic lifestyle. To start, we are kicking off the year with 10 ideas to begin this commitment right now. In your own home. We recommend starting this new year by picking one or two items that you can work toward immediately and then pace yourself in working toward the others.

Living a healthier lifestyle is not a quick fix. What matters most is taking consistent steps where you can and as you are able.


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MADE SAFE’s Approachable Guide to Sustainable Fashion


MADE SAFE Fashion Guide image

Creating a more sustainable wardrobe can feel intimidating. Just a toe-dip into the realm of clean and ethical fashion can make you start asking questions like: How was this item of clothing made? Who made it? What’s it made of? How do I spot safer and more ethical items online or on the rack? There’s a lot to consider, we know.


Now Shop MADE SAFE Certified Apparel

Certified Apparel blog imageWhen it comes to conventional fashion, the more you know, the more you start to look at your closet differently. Shopping becomes not just about how a piece fits, how much it costs, and how much you love it. As you learn more about the fashion industry, you start asking yourself how clothing was made, who made the piece, and what it’s made of.


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New MADE SAFE Certified Skincare from Prima


Prima Night Magic botanical skin care image

Founded by clean beauty pioneers, Christopher Gavigan, Jessica Assaf and Laurel Angelica Myers, Prima is a new wellness brand focused on hemp-based cannabinoids and functional botanicals. The company was formed with the belief that self-care is health care and the intention that its collection of products in beauty, body and supplements could be tools for managing wellbeing and combatting stress, which the founders of Prima see as the epidemic of our time.


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