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harmful chemicals

Made Safe’s Hazard List

Hazard list blog imageHave you seen our new Hazard List™ yet? It’s a pretty amazing resource: a comprehensive, scientific, thoroughly-documentedlist of ingredients and classes of ingredients that aren’t permitted in any MADE SAFE® certified product. This list doesn’t just belong to Made Safe; it belongs to every product we certify.

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Nontoxic Back to School Tips

back-to-school graphicMany of you are prepping your kids to go back to school. You’ve likely been given a long list of supplies to buy for the first day. Unfortunately, many common back-to-school items can contain toxic ingredients. It can be hard to figure out what’s safe and what’s not, and sometimes it feels like you almost need a PhD just to research nontoxic products for your children—and we’re already busy enough as parents! (more…)

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