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Safer School Supply Solutions

safer school supply solutions graphicBY AMY ZIFF

The reality is that there are unsafe chemicals in school supplies. At worst there are carcinogens in the classroom and what parents don’t realize is that they’re buying these harmful products and sending their kids to school with them each and every day.


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New MADE SAFE Certified Liquid Hand Wash from Soapply


Soapply announcement image

Many of us don’t realize that access to soap and a place to wash our hands is still a luxury that is out of reach for people in many corners of the world. Today, 1.4 million children still die from diseases that could be prevented through the simple act of handwashing. For Soapply founder, Mera McGrew, this became obvious when she lived and worked in Africa. She returned to the US determined to build a soap company, but Soapply is about more than just soap. (more…)

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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Made Safe stocking stuffer gifts image

Picking out non-toxic gifts is difficult, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers. Too often we end up filling stockings with plastic trinkets and toxic personal care products (unknowingly exposing our loved ones to harmful chemicals) and things that our giftee just plain won’t use. Our team has taken the guesswork out by creating a list of our favorite MADE SAFE® certified products that your family will love (and actually use!) this holiday season. (more…)

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