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Happsy: MADE SAFE Certified & Affordable

We’re so excited to announce we’ve added Happsy mattresses to the MADE SAFE® certified bedding category! Happsy is a revolutionary new company that offers affordable nontoxic bedding options for the whole family – delivered right to your door. (more…)

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How to Detox Your Sleep

sisters in bed imageIf you’re going to choose one room in your house to detox, it’s a good idea to start where you sleep.

The body does important rejuvenation, repair and detoxification work when resting. But if the environment you sleep in is toxic, you’re adding unnecessary work to the load, limiting the body’s innate ability to preserve our health and prepare us for the new day ahead.

Babies and children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals in this regard. They sleep more than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development; combined with the fact that exposure to toxic chemicals during these critical windows of development can be detrimental, it’s important that babies and children are sleeping on safe surfaces. (more…)