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endocrine disruption

Toxic Chemicals in Sunscreen & Safer Alternatives

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Hello sunshine! After much ado, spring is finally here. Our team is thrilled—especially because it means helping you tackle finding the best sunscreen—a safer sunscreen. (more…)

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Gift Guide: Personal Care & Cosmetics

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Personal care products and cosmetics are a common holiday gift, but ones that are truly safe and effective can be difficult to find. And all of us at Made Safe know that the holiday season means busy, busy, busy—no time to research ingredients and investigate products. This is why our team does the heavy lifting for you. All of the products in our gift guide are MADE SAFE® certified. (more…)

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Natracare Becomes First Brand With Made Safe Certified Feminine & Maternity Care


Natracare tampons and pads are made without known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, or other toxic chemicals found to harm women’s health

Natracare announcementNEW YORK – In an industry that has recently come under increased scrutiny for ingredient safety and lack of disclosure, Natracare is leading the way in safe feminine care. The company is the first brand to certify its tampons, pads, maternity pads and nursing pads with the scientifically rigorous MADE SAFE® (Made with Safe Ingredients) seal. As the first nontoxic certification to apply widely to consumer products, the revolutionary MADE SAFE seal verifies that products are made without chemicals or ingredients known to harm human health, animals, and ecosystems. (more…)