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MADE SAFE’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

MADE SAFE's Guide to Safe Cleaning image

Spring is nature’s way of offering a fresh beginning. With the season upon us, we’re reminded to take stock and start anew – which must be why so many people feel inspired to do spring cleaning!  Below, you will find our list of areas to focus on cleaning this spring, including product recommendations to help you get the job done. There’s no need to use the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products that pollute your indoor air and harm your health. The MADE SAFE® Certified products we recommend below have earned the MADE SAFE seal by going through our rigorous certification process to ensure that they are ecosystem-sound, meaning they are safe for humans, the environment, and the fellow creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

Happy ‘clean’ cleaning!


5 MADE SAFE Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day 2021 Gift Blog imageThe MADE SAFE® certification process screens for ingredients known or suspected to harm humans or the ecosystem, which means you can use the MADE SAFE seal to shop for your loved ones with confidence. For Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of five MADE SAFE certified gift ideas to help you celebrate your father, partner, husband, grandfather, or role model in your life.

Celebrating and Honoring Earth’s Gifts

This year for Earth Day, we are celebrating the incredible bounty of this planet we call home and the importance of caring for it. Our certification process, the MADE SAFE Banned ListSM, and the full Ecosystem Approach we employ, are a reflection of our dedication to being good stewards of the earth. At MADE SAFE, we are thankful for Earth’s rich resources – especially the plants and herbs that grow wild and can enrich the products we use daily.

This Earth Day 2021, we’re highlighting a few brands with MADE SAFE® certified goods that draw from these materials as a way to celebrate our connection to the earth. (more…)

10 Things We’re Loving This Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day gift guide imageFrom self-care and coziness to good food and intimacy, we’re excited to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day. To help set the mood, we’re sharing some of our team’s favorites, specially curated with love in mind. No matter who you’re loving on – yourself or another – these items will help you feel the love. (more…)

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MADE SAFE’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide imageNeed some MADE SAFE gift ideas to make your holiday shopping a cinch? We’ve tagged gifts big and small for anyone and everyone on your list. Find safe and sustainable choices for your loved ones plus a 5 under $15 selection below! (more…)

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MADE SAFE New Year’s Revolution – OCTOBER Mattresses + Bedding Challenge

  New Years Revolution October featured imageGiven how much time we spend either sleeping or trying to do so, we end up spending a significant portion of our lives in our beds. With so much time dedicated to the bedroom, it is an obvious stop for us along the way in our step-by-step journey to creating a healthier home. 

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MADE SAFE’s Approachable Guide to Sustainable Fashion


MADE SAFE Fashion Guide image

Creating a more sustainable wardrobe can feel intimidating. Just a toe-dip into the realm of clean and ethical fashion can make you start asking questions like: How was this item of clothing made? Who made it? What’s it made of? How do I spot safer and more ethical items online or on the rack? There’s a lot to consider, we know.


New Year’s Revolution

MADE SAFE New Year's Revolution imageAs we look forward to the year ahead here at MADE SAFE, we’re going beyond resolutions by kicking off a year-long revolt against the toxic consumer products that are in our homes.

We’re calling it a New Year’s Revolution.


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MADE SAFE’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide imageNo matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a MADE SAFE certified gift for everyone on your list. Use this guide for safe and sustainable shopping this holiday season!

We’ve tagged each item to help you zero in on the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones.

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