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The Ultimate Guide to Period Products

How to Choose Human and Environmentally-Friendly Period Solutions

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BY SYDNEY COOKHealthy period graphic

Every woman I’ve ever met remembers her first period, and usually has a story to boot. For me, I’ll never forget seeking the counsel of the school nurse on that day way-back-when. She handed over a pad essentially the size of a diaper. Oh, how times have changed! These days, pads have gotten thinner, tampons are now much more common, and new solutions like menstrual cups and period panties are taking the femcare market by storm. It’s a good time to be alive with a period!


Tips for Safer Outdoor Gear

Tips for outdoor gear image

With back-to-school right around the bend, you and your family are probably spending as much time outdoors as possible. Whether you’re soaking up rays at a local pool, trekking through the woods at a nearby park or sharing stories and laughs around a campfire, you’re probably bringing your favorite outdoor gear with you.


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