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Giving Tuesday blog imageAt MADE SAFE® we are working to create a world in which harmful and polluting chemicals and substances are eliminated from use, even in the absence of regulation. The uniquely rigorous MADE SAFE Certification process helps steer the market away from the use of thousands of harmful and polluting substances in consumer goods. This work protects our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.


Shop MADE SAFE® Certified Products as Part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program

Amazon's climate-pledge friendly blog announcement

You can now shop select MADE SAFE® Certified products on Amazon as part of Climate Pledge Friendly, an Amazon program that makes it easier for customers to shop for more sustainable products. Climate Pledge Friendly partners with trusted third-party certifications to highlight products that meet sustainability standards and the MADE SAFE label is one of the latest external certifications to become part of the program.


Amazon’s BIG Step Toward Sustainability: Making it Easier to Buy (MADE) Safe Products



When Amazon moves, the world moves.  As the third largest retailer in the world, the message they send to manufacturers and sellers can be game changing. Amazon is notoriously taking on all kinds of retailers and is number 53 on the Forbes Global 2000 list (jumping 154 spots), as one of the most powerful and influential public companies. This month Amazon kicked off it’s first ever safer chemicals policy, as part of their sustainability and responsible sourcing efforts.


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