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Amazon rainforest

Celebrating and Honoring Earth’s Gifts

This year for Earth Day, we are celebrating the incredible bounty of this planet we call home and the importance of caring for it. Our certification process, the MADE SAFE Banned ListSM, and the full Ecosystem Approach we employ, are a reflection of our dedication to being good stewards of the earth. At MADE SAFE, we are thankful for Earth’s rich resources – especially the plants and herbs that grow wild and can enrich the products we use daily.

This Earth Day 2021, we’re highlighting a few brands with MADE SAFE® certified goods that draw from these materials as a way to celebrate our connection to the earth. (more…)

New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Symbiome

Symbiome skincare announcement imageWhen Larry Weiss told us about his new start-up beauty brand, how it was going to source ingredients from an organic farm in Brazil and work to conserve the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, protecting the culture, land and indigenous people there while also pledging 1% to environmental nonprofits annually – we were more than intrigued. We were also excited!


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