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Documenting Hope in the Face of Chronic Childhood Disease

A New Paradigm for Growing up in Today’s Toxic World


Toxic load graphic

For most people, the word “epidemic” recalls the idea of infectious disease outbreaks, and this is how the word has been used in common language throughout the latter part of the 20th century. This term may bring to mind the current COVID-19 pandemic, differing in definition by its global level of impact, in comparison to an epidemic which is more specific to a certain geography or population.


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New Year’s Revolution

MADE SAFE New Year's Revolution imageAs we look forward to the year ahead here at MADE SAFE, we’re going beyond resolutions by kicking off a year-long revolt against the toxic consumer products that are in our homes.

We’re calling it a New Year’s Revolution.


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New MADE SAFE Certified Product from Betterair

Betterair product imageOften, we think of pollution as being an outdoor air issue. However, the air in your home or office can also be polluted by pollen, mold, and VOCs, among other culprits. Because indoor air quality can be a problem, Betterair spent nine years researching and developing their proprietary blend of probiotics specifically for indoor use. The use of probiotics to clean, not only the air, but the surfaces in your home is innovative, and we are excited to have certified Betterair’s environmental probiotic formula, Environmental Probiotics as MADE SAFE.


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The Ultimate Guide to Period Products

How to Choose Human and Environmentally-Friendly Period Solutions

Period Panties | Menstrual Cups | Tampons | Pads + Panty Liners | Reusable Pads + Panty Liners | Recommendations

BY SYDNEY COOKHealthy period graphic

Every woman I’ve ever met remembers her first period, and usually has a story to boot. For me, I’ll never forget seeking the counsel of the school nurse on that day way-back-when. She handed over a pad essentially the size of a diaper. Oh, how times have changed! These days, pads have gotten thinner, tampons are now much more common, and new solutions like menstrual cups and period panties are taking the femcare market by storm. It’s a good time to be alive with a period!


#ChemicalCallout: Oxybenzone


Oxybenzone featured imageWhat Is Oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is one of the most commonly-used sunscreen chemicals. This ingredient, sometimes called benzophenone-3, is not to be confused with benzophenone, another sunscreen ingredient.

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Safe Sun: Tips for Choosing a Safer Sunscreen

Toxic chemicals in sunscreen infographic

As spring blossoms into a full roar, each day feels sunnier and sunnier. At Made Safe, we’re welcoming rapidly greening grass, the beginnings of spring flowers, and the feeling of sunshine on our faces after its long siesta.

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Toxic Chemicals in Sunscreen & Safer Alternatives

Sunscreen graphic

Hello sunshine! After much ado, spring is finally here. Our team is thrilled—especially because it means helping you tackle finding the best sunscreen—a safer sunscreen. (more…)

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Natracare Becomes First Brand With Made Safe Certified Feminine & Maternity Care


Natracare tampons and pads are made without known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, or other toxic chemicals found to harm women’s health

Natracare announcementNEW YORK – In an industry that has recently come under increased scrutiny for ingredient safety and lack of disclosure, Natracare is leading the way in safe feminine care. The company is the first brand to certify its tampons, pads, maternity pads and nursing pads with the scientifically rigorous MADE SAFE® (Made with Safe Ingredients) seal. As the first nontoxic certification to apply widely to consumer products, the revolutionary MADE SAFE seal verifies that products are made without chemicals or ingredients known to harm human health, animals, and ecosystems. (more…)