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Nontoxic Love 101 graphicWe like roses and chocolates, but what we’re all really hoping for on Valentine’s Day is some (ahem…) alone time with our sweetie. Yep, you know what we mean! On February 14th passion is in the air.

For adults, Valentine’s Day is sexy. But what’s totally not sexy is reading the labels on your sexual health products the moment before getting it on. So, we’ve done the dirty work for you and gathered our favorite products for V-Day.

Everything below is MADE SAFE® certified, which means we’ve put them through our demanding scientific process. They’re made without known behavioral, reproductive and neurotoxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, high-risk pesticides, flame retardants, toxic solvents, and harmful VOCs. They pass our environmental standards too. In short, they’re nontoxic products you’ll be okay with using down there or anywhere!

If you find yourself asking, why should I care? – here’s the deal: Sexual health products are often made with ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. We all know that our nether regions are particularly sensitive, so you’d think it would make sense to make sexual health products with this in mind, but unfortunately, conventional products are not. We don’t think you want to use endocrine active, persistent, or irritating products on your most private parts – so here’s our guide for a healthier Valentine’s Day:


We love you not:

Fragrance: There can be a hundred chemicals hiding behind this umbrella phrase. “Fragrance” can be made up of ingredients like endocrine disrupting phthalates, environmentally harmful synthetic musks, and thousands of other mystery chemicals.

Mineral oil: This ingredient, which is also called liquid paraffin, is made from petroleum by-products. Mineral oil consists mainly of hydrocarbons, which can pass the skin barrier and be absorbed. In manufacturing, mineral oil can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are potentially or known to be carcinogens.

We love you:

Good Clean Love Love Oils. These oils, which come in three delicious scents, are multi-use. Try them out as massage oils, moisturizers, bath oils, or whatever else you and your partner can dream up. We love that not only are these products nontoxic, they’re scientifically proven to get you in the mood! FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.


We love you not:

Nitrosamines: As a result of the manufacturing process, most condoms on the market are contaminated with nitrosamine, an ingredient that can promote cancer.

We love you:

Sustain Natural Condoms. When creating Sustain Natural condoms, co-founders (a father-daughter duo!) learned that many condoms are contaminated with nitrosamine. So Sustain created a new manufacturing process that prevents contamination. FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.

(Remember: Any condom is better than no condom. If you don’t happen to have a Sustain condom on hand, use other condoms to protect against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. But hey, preparation is sexy.)


We love you not:

Artificial Flavors: Like “fragrance,” “artificial flavor” can be a complex mixture of ingredients. Flavor formulations are composed primarily not of flavoring agents, but ingredients that are not intended to provide taste like emulsifiers, solvents, preservatives, flavor modifiers, and more. Because flavor formulations are often trade secrets, their constituents don’t have to be listed on labels. Through a legislative loophole, thousands of flavor formulations are deemed as “Generally Regarded as Safe” without proper evaluation.

Silicone-based lubricants: These lubricants can be composed of a chemical group called siloxanes, which form the building blocks of silicones. Many siloxanes stick around in the environment, and some siloxanes are suspected of disrupting our hormones.

We love you:

Sustain Natural Organic Lubricants. They come in unscented and lavender (because yeah, chocolate flavor is weird). Sustain Natural lubes are made with only ingredients we feel comfortable with for internal use: organic aloe, safe preservatives, and organic, natural flavors. FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.


We love you not:

Artificial colorings: Feminine washes can use dyes like D&C Red 33 and Ext. Violet 2, that are not authorized for use on mucous membranes, and Yellow No. 5, which requires a safety warning. Yellow No. 5 can also be contaminated with chemicals that are carcinogens.

Isothiazolione presevatives: Two of the most commonly used preservatives in this class are methylisothiazolione and methylchloroisothiazolinone. Both are known irritants, sensitizers, and are associated with skin contact allergies. This is not good, especially in our most sensitive areas!

We love you:

Good Clean Love Bio-Match Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. This wash works with your body’s natural chemistry, using only safe ingredients. No artificial colorings, irritating preservatives, or petroleum products. FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.


We love you not:

Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: Some preservatives like DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, and some quaternary compounds do not contain formaldehyde themselves, but release it into formulation. Formaldehyde is linked to cancer, allergic reactions, skin rashes, and irritation.

Phthalates: These ingredients are a class of chemicals often used to make fragrance last longer. Phthalates are capable of disrupting the endocrine system in multiple different ways. Some phthalates are also associated with cancer.

We love you:

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist. A mist? For down there? Yep. Over the last century, contemporary personal care routines (like soaps and cleansers with harsh cleansing agents) have promoted the idea that all bacteria are harmful, and that “sterile” is always healthy. Mother Dirt is shifting our concept of “clean,” by reminding us that our skin, like our gut biome, need good bacteria. AO+ Mist contains live AOBs (ammonia-oxidizing bacteria), essential bacteria for our skin. Spritz externally to foster healthy skin. You can use it on the face, hands, and armpits too! FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.


We love you not:

Polyethylene Glycol Compounds (PEGs): These ingredients are often notated as PEG followed by a number (ex: PEG-40). These ingredients are often contaminated with carcinogens ethylene oxide and/or 1,4dioxane. PEGs can enhance penetrability, meaning that if a product contains a PEG alongside other harmful ingredients, they might be able to penetrate the skin more easily.

Parabens: These preservatives get a lot of hype—because they deserve it. They can mimic estrogen in the body, are linked to breast cancer, as well as developmental and reproductive harm.

We love you:

Sustain Natural PostPlay Wipes. These wipes use only yummy ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, organic honey, lavender oil, and safe preservatives. And they’re even 100% cotton! FEEL THE NONTOXIC LOVE.

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Happy safe (and sexy) Valentine’s Day,
from the Made Safe team (xoxo)

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