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Frankincense Intense Lift Cream imageNontoxic but effective skin care to redefine your age? Yep, that’s right. Neal’s Yard Remedies has done it again—the company has created a totally clean age-well formula that aims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles with just the amazing power of botanicals. And it’s MADE SAFE® certified!

Frankincense is the company’s secret weapon. The tree’s resin is distilled, extracting the essential oil. But instead of using the oil itself, NYR gathers the remaining by-product, transforms it, and creates the Lift Cream. Frankincense’s skin-protecting and age-well properties are bolstered by other potent ingredients from nature: algae, chiuri butter, linseed extract, and cupuaçu butter. The formulation also contains ribose, and hyaluronic acid, a compound found naturally in the body that degrades as we age.

This cream’s potential to lift skin and soften lines skips the nasty ingredients so often found in creams branded as anti-aging:

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Lift Cream’s MADE SAFE seal means we’ve vetted it to ensure it’s made without all of these harmful ingredients—in addition to any ingredients known to cause harm to humans or the environment like endocrine disruptors, developmental toxins, carcinogens, heavy metals, reproductive toxins, ecotoxins (substances toxic to the environment), and more. Find NYR Organic’s Frankincense Intense™ Lift Cream here.

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