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AO+ Mist, Mother Dirt’s signature product containing live bacteria, has been certified free of any chemicals known to harm human health or the environment.

Cambridge, MA (July 17, 2017) – Mother Dirt, the first company to create live probiotic skincare products that nurture the good bacteria of the skin, today announced that its AO+ Mist now bears the groundbreaking MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients) seal. Beyond developing a consumer line that nurtures the beneficial bacteria on our skin, the certification echoes Mother Dirt’s commitment to putting consumer safety first, and providing full ingredient transparency when it comes to formulating its biome-friendly products. After undergoing a stringent screening and evaluation process, MADE SAFE verified that the AO+ Mist, Mother Dirt’s signature product containing live bacteria, is free of any chemicals known to harm human health or the environment.

“We’re honored that MADE SAFE has validated Mother Dirt’s dedication to safe product formulation,” says Mother Dirt President Jasmina Aganovic. “As a science-based company, securing the approval of third-party scientists and experts in the field is integral to our development process. The MADE SAFE seal only reinforces our continued efforts to select ingredients that are truly safe and nontoxic for our products.”

MADE SAFE’s certification removes the burden from average consumers who want to know that what they’re buying is safe to use on their bodies, with their families and in their homes, but have difficulty navigating ingredient labels. MADE SAFE took the AO+ Mist through its extensive review analysis to ensure that it does not contain known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, behavioral toxins, flame retardants, heavy metals, high-risk pesticides, toxic solvents, or VOCs, according to scientifically authoritative and expert lists from around the world. In addition, MADE SAFE has screened each ingredient in AO+ Mist for bioaccumulation (builds up in the body), persistence (not biodegradable), and aquatic toxicity.

“Mother Dirt has been the leader in microbiome innovations, with ingredient safety at the core of its formulation process,” said Amy Ziff, founder and executive director of the MADE SAFE certification. “MADE SAFE is a proud ally of the brand in showing consumers that safer and effective products are possible.”

With conversations around challenging the use of antibacterial soaps and hand washes that actually do more harm than good, AO+ Mist is the first-ever product on the market with a live bacteria that is certified to be formulated with the safest ingredients available. Apart from the AO+ Mist, Mother Dirt’s suite of biome-friendly products include the Face & Body Cleanser, Moisturizer and Shampoo, all of which are preservative-free, derived from plant-based materials and created to be as good to the environment as they are to the microbiome of the skin.



Mother Dirt is the first mission-driven biotech startup to ever create a skin health product line that proactively restores and preserves the good bacteria naturally found on our skin. Over the last century, modern chemistry and contemporary lifestyles (e.g. lathering agents, chemicals and preservatives found in soaps and cleansers) have promoted the notion that all bacteria are harmful, and that “clean” and “sterile” are always healthy. To the contrary, the skin needs good bacteria to be healthy, as is true for other parts of the body, like the gut.

Mother Dirt is aggressively shifting the definition of “clean” away from sterility, and toward a healthy, balanced biome. All Mother Dirt products are biome-friendly, preservative-free, and allow users to cut down on products that could negatively impact both the natural state of our skin and the environment.


The AO+ Mist contains live AOB (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) that improves the texture and appearance of many common skin issues within two weeks of use, including sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness and odor, by restoring essential bacteria that was once a vital component to the organ’s health. With continued use, the AO+ Mist reduces dependence on, and provides a safe and healthy alternative to conventional products like soaps and deodorants.


MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients) is America’s first certification to screen out known toxic chemicals in consumer products across store aisles, from baby bottles and bedding to personal care, cleaners, and more. MADE SAFE®, a nonprofit, makes it possible for consumers to easily find products that are made without known harmful chemicals while also offering brands and retailers a road map to making and selling safer products. Founded by Amy Ziff with a mission to change the way products are made in America and around the world, the certification scrutinizes ingredients to avoid using materials linked to known human health harm. Consumers should always follow manufacturer guidelines for use when using any products. For more information, visit

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