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 We take probiotics to keep the good bacteria in our guts healthy. Skin relies on probiotics and good bacteria, called the microbiome, to maintain a healthy balance in the same way the gut does. So why not nurture the microbiome for healthy skin as well?

Introducing the first probiotic skincare product to receive MADE SAFE® certification: AO+ Mist from Mother Dirt. In plain terms: it’s the first-ever product on the market with a live bacteria to be certified to our high standards of made with safe ingredients not known to harm human health or ecosystems.

And—we love how innovative it is! Mother Dirt is changing the way people think about clean skin. AO+ Mist reduces dependence on, and provides a safe and healthy alternative to, conventional products like soaps and deodorants.

Restoration of the microbiome and good bacteria reduces the need for regular use of soap, lowering exposure to common harmful chemicals in conventional soap, including sodium laureth sulfate, harmful to aquatic life and contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane; preservatives like parabens, linked to breast cancer; and “fragrance,” an umbrella term for up to a hundred different ingredients, including phthalates (linked to reproductive and developmental harm) and synthetic musks (linked to hormone disruption and build-up in our bodies).

The AO+ Mist contains live AOB (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) that restores essential bacteria, a vital component to the organ’s health that tends to be wiped out due to our modern cleansing routines. Mother Dirt’s approach is driven by science and the study of skin, and continued use of AO+ Mist is designed to improve skin health improving the texture and appearance of many common skin issues, such as sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness and odor.

Check out MADE SAFE certified AO+ Mist here.



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