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The following products from True Botanicals have been MADE SAFE™ (Made With Safe Ingredients™) Certified:

Antioxidant Booster
Calming Hemp-Based Bath Soak
Calming Hemp-Based Body Oil
Cellular Repair Serum, CLEAR
Cellular Repair Serum, RENEW
Deep Repair Eye Serum
Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20, Extra Light Tint
Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20, Light Tint
Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20, Medium Tint
Hydrating Cleanser, CLEAR
Hydrating Cleanser, RENEW
Immune Boost
Moisture Lock Lip Balm
Moisture Lock Overnight Mask
Muscle Release
Nourishing Body Lotion, GROVE
Nourishing Body Wash, GROVE
Nourishing Conditioner, FRESH
Nourishing Shampoo, FRESH
Nutrient Mist, CALM
Nutrient Mist, RENEW
Nutrient Toner, CLEAR
Pre Cleanse Oil
Pure Radiance Body Oil
Pure Radiance Oil, CALM
Pure Radiance Oil, CLEAR
Pure Radiance Oil, RENEW
Repair Serum, HYDRATE
Resurfacing Body Mask
Resurfacing Moisture Mask
Stress Relief
Vitamin C Booster

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