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Natracare logoThe following products from Natracare have been MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients™) Certified:

Pads – Dry & Light Incontinence (Slim, Plus)
Pads – Maternity
Pads – Maxi (Regular, Super, Night Time)
Pads – Nursing

Pads – Ultra (Regular, Super, Long, Long Super Plus)
Pads – Ultra Extra (Long, Normal, Super)
Panty Liner – Curved, Long, Mini, Normal, Tanga, Ultra Thin
Tampons – Organic Cotton (Regular, Super, Super Plus)
Tampons – Organic Cotton with Applicator (Regular, Super)
Tissues – Safe to Flush Moist Toilet
Wipes – Baby
Wipes – Intimate
Wipes – Cleansing Make-Up Removal

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