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Divine Tandav logoThe following products from Divine Tandav have been MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients™) Certified:

Arkie – Skin Tightening Mattify & Pore Cleansing Face Mask and Daily Exfoliator
Enchantress Garden – Rose Chamomile Lavindin Calming Fresh Floral Mist
Jeune Baie – Skin Tightening Youth Preserving Antioxidant Face Mask and Daily Exfoliator
Kemps’ Amor – Deep Moisturizing Invigorating Hair Oil
Lenka’s Luster – Exotic Revitalizing Hair Pack
Lumine’Seena – Skin Tightening Brightening Fruit Face Mask and Daily Exfoliator
Mukthi’s Tapas – Face Oil Serum
Queen Sprite – Balancing Citrus Cucumber Face Mist
Riti’s Caress – Blue Chamomile and Raspberry Concentrate
Sacred Night – Under Eye Serum Concentrate
Su’s Exquisite Magic – Precious Saffron & Sandalwood Mango Concentrate
Touch of Hebe – Face Oil Serum

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