The MADE SAFE® certification is rigorous, scientific, and unique. We help brands craft MADE SAFE products; we work closely with brands undergoing this process, as well as on an ongoing basis on new ingredients, products, and innovation. We provide signals for brands to demonstrate to consumers that certified products have been made from a base of safe ingredients not known to harm human health or ecosystems. The MADE SAFE symbol shows that products are meeting the most stringent ingredient safety standards in the United States.

MADE SAFE participating brands are pioneers for a safe and sustainable future. Participating brands report learning from our process and finding enormous value well beyond our fees. Participating brands are proud to bestow this seal on their products and find it’s well worth the investment.

To work with MADE SAFE, brands must be prepared to take a journey to formulate even better products. It is rare for a brand to have all products meet the certification guidelines out of the gate and it may take a few years to get all products certified. We ask that brands commit to the goal of certifying 75% of products over time, and we recognize those efforts along the way with our series of consumer-facing signals.

Our process is affordable. We work with brands of all sizes on a sliding scale basis according to the brand’s gross revenue. Fees start at $6K, per market, for the smallest companies. (New brands will need to submit documentation of total revenues or total expected revenues for current year.)

Screening will be conducted every three years or whenever products are substantially reformulated. Brands are responsible for letting us know that they have made changes to formulations, swapped ingredients, changed suppliers or otherwise tinkered with their final product. Failure to do so may mean a brand/product is out of compliance, which can result in removal from the program and loss of certification and use of the seal.

Standard use of the MADE SAFE seal is for the U.S. only. For markets beyond the U.S., permission for use must be obtained and additional fees apply.


Company RevenueMADE SAFE Program Annual FeeMADE SAFE Product Screening Fee
(fragrances reviewed separately, products capped at 50 elements)
0 - $99K$3,000$600 per product
$100K - $249K$3,500$600 per product
$250K - $499K $4,000$600 per product
$500K - $749K$6,000$600 per product
$750K - $999K$7,500$600 per product
$1M - $1.49M$9,500$600 per product
$1.5M - $1.99M$12,000$600 per product
$2M - $3.49M$18,000$600 per product
$3.5M - $4.99M$30,000$600 per product
$5M - $9.99M$50,000$600 per product
$10M - $14.99M$100,000$600 per product
$15M - $24.99M$150,000$600 per product
$25M +$250,000$600 per product

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