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Why is a seal needed? We think that every product sold should be harmless to people, animals and ecosystems. Regulatory scrutiny should be applied to each and every product before being sold. While that may seem like common sense, it’s not common practice and it’s definitely not the law in the United States. With scant legislation and little to no regulation of chemicals in commerce, there is no clearly defined, uniform set of rules for companies to follow when manufacturing or formulating products.

We pioneered MADE SAFE® because we believe products should be safe for you and your family from a chemical, material, and/or ingredient standpoint. We are a catalyst on the journey toward safer products.

We created the MADE SAFE seal with three simple goals in mind:

  • to make it easier for consumers to find truly safe goods.
  • to make it easier for manufacturers to construct safe goods.
  • to make it easier for retailers to select products that are safe for their customers.

Today, it’s not clear how suppliers, manufacturers, retailers or consumers define toxicity and/or material and ingredient safety. The responsibility for determining these things can be a political football. As a result, companies often market their products using terms such as natural, eco, hypoallergenic, green, safe or even non-toxic without stating their definition clearly. This leads to consumer confusion.

In addition to definition confusion, goods can be contaminated with toxins that are a result of uninformed manufacturing processes or a dirty supply chain; even good companies can unintentionally make bad or tainted products. As a result of this unregulated marketplace, consumers are forced to become researchers and scientists in an attempt to determine what is acceptable for use.

We’re making it easy for everyone to find healthy products through our clearly defined, trusted seals. Products that pass our screening process and/or lab-testing verification process are bestowed the appropriate seal.

We vet each and every individual ingredient that goes into making a product. We use available science to determine that an ingredient, based on what is known today, won’t harm fetuses, infants, children, adults, or the elderly. Based on the science, if there is risk for human health harm, we will always exercise the Precautionary Principle until further study can be done.

With our instantly recognizable seals, shoppers can identify and buy better goods. The confusion is over: problem solved.