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Household & Other Baby / Toddler Product Recommendations

MADE SAFE® Certified Products:

Alaffia for soap
Kosmatology for foaming hand soap and hand sanitize
Meliora for cleaning products
New Living for the Tilly Sofa
Pure Laundry for laundry detergent

Recommended Products, not MADE SAFE Certified:

Elemental Essentialz for kitchen and household cleaning products
If You Care for kitchen and household cleaning products
UPPAbaby for the Henry MESA car seat. The only one of its kind made from wool, not foam, so as to eliminate the need for any added fire-retardant chemicals. Be sure to buy the model made exclusively from wool and cotton without flame retardants.

  • Be aware that cleaning products can contain unlisted toxic chemicals. Make your own cleaners using cheap and effective ingredients like baking soda or vinegar. Or buy simple ingredient products and reserve the strong chemicals and bleach for only when absolutely required.
  • Disinfectants and antibacterial cleaners usually contain registered pesticides that represent unnecessary exposures for everyday household use. Reduce your use of disinfectants, which are too harsh for everyday use.
  • Ditch air fresheners. Common chemicals in fragrance[1] have been linked to long-term health issues like obesity, diabetes, infertility, ADD, and ADHD. Fragrance chemicals are rarely disclosed on product labels, hidden instead under the umbrella term “fragrance.” Instead, open a window, try incense, or essential oil diffusers.
  • Similarly, scented candles can release volatile organic compounds and even heavy metals into the air.
  • When considering new furniture purchases, shop flame retardant-free items made from natural fabrics, like wool, cotton, wood, or wicker. Many foam-based sofas, recliners, and children’s furniture items can contain flame retardants. Check the labels for the CA Flammability Standard TB117-2013 which assures that no flame retardants are in the products:

Flammability Label image

  • Rug pads also contain foam filled with flame retardants. If you have a carpet with a rug pad, have the pad removed.
  • Avoid dry cleaning, and use the traditional laundry wash/dry/fold option. If possible, use fragrance-free detergent.

[1] Unpacking the Fragrance Industry: Policy Failures, the Trade Secret Myth and Public Health, Women’s Voices for the Earth

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