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In the event that some ingredients in a product do not pass the MADE SAFE certification screening process, we allow the Contains# of MADE SAFE Ingredients score on labels to show the number of approved ingredients within the product. Contains language is only allowed on products on the way to achieving full MADE SAFE certification.

MADE SAFE certification is a big ask for companies. Not all companies will be able to meet this standard tomorrow. Even companies founded on principles of making better products may not be able to achieve MADE SAFE certification immediately.

That’s why we allow Contains# of MADE SAFE Ingredients scores. It is important that there is a reward for being on the journey to MADE SAFE. Participation demonstrates that a company is a change-maker committed to supporting better ingredients and working toward the end-goal of eliminating the use of harmful ingredients. With Contains# of MADE SAFE Ingredients, brands can convey to consumers that products are in process with us. Based upon screening results we will provide the language and logo for use on products.

Products With Contains# of MADE SAFE® Ingredients

While the products named below are not MADE SAFE® Certified, participating brands support our work and are in favor of transparency, full ingredient information and a green chemistry approach.

Crystal™ Deodorant Invisible Solid, Unscented

Crystal logo