We work with brands across the spectrum, from Fortune 500 companies to small innovative brands that are raising the bar. We often work behind the scenes with companies, from small ingredient changes to reformulation to screening for certification.

What you see below are brands with certified products. Check back frequently, as we’re working with several brands currently that are in the process of certifying products or examining ingredients. Sign up for our email list to get updates!

Certification is initiated by brands. If you don’t see a brand listed, reach out and ask them to work with us.

Brands With MADE SAFE® Certified Products
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Anumati Naturals logoBabo Botanicals logo
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Coyuchi logoCurata logo
Kaelen Harwell logo
Kosmatology-logoLOLI Beauty logo image
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PURA-darkblueLOGO-225x100_2pure natural cleaners logo
Radico logoRanavat Botanics logo
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MADE SAFE Supporters

MADE SAFE Supporters support our vision to change the way products are made for a healthy and sustainable future. While these brands do not currently have certified products, they support our work and are in favor of transparency, full ingredient information and a green chemistry approach.

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Fragrance Free Shop

French Transit

Innersense Organic Beauty

Intelligent Nutrients