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Calling Green Youth Activists!

Become a MADE SAFE-Trained Youth Ambassador

MADE SAFE Youth Ambassador graphic

Are you into protecting the planet? Are you always talking with people about ways to minimize their impact or carbon footprint? Do you want to do something to reduce humanity’s negative impact on our air, water, and soil? Maybe you already know a lot about being “green” but you’d like to better understand what is driving the destruction of our environment and deepen your green to learn about chemicals and their impact.

If you’re passionate about learning and taking action on the climate crisis, join our program to become a MADE SAFE®-trained Youth Ambassador.


Support a MADE SAFE World

Giving Tuesday blog imageAt MADE SAFE® we are working to create a world in which harmful and polluting chemicals and substances are eliminated from use, even in the absence of regulation. The uniquely rigorous MADE SAFE Certification process helps steer the market away from the use of thousands of harmful and polluting substances in consumer goods. This work protects our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.