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Period Products: What’s in Them?

Toxic chemicals in period products imageIf you’ve ever looked at the ingredient label on a conventional pad or tampon box, you might find it lacking details about what’s inside. Maybe you’ve wondered what’s actually in there. But hey, it’s just cotton, right? 

Wrong. It turns out that most conventional pads and tampons are made with synthetic materials and toxic substances. (more…)

The Lawn Dilemma: Tips for Nontoxic Lawn & Garden Care

MADE SAFE tips for nontoxic lawn and garden care graphicThose of us graced with a yard to care for want our lawns and gardens to look healthy and attractive, but who wants to spend endless hours weeding? Doesn’t it seem the more weeds you pull the more pop up in their place? In the quest for lawn care solutions, many desire ease and expediency, but the MADE SAFE team is also looking out for the health of the soil. Read on for our favorite tips, including a few MADE SAFE staff favorites.


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MADE SAFE Tips for Your Safer Bug Repellent Search

Safer bug repellent blog graphicFinding a safer bug repellent can be a real buzzkill. Conventional bug repellents often contain a combination of active ingredients that are listed on the label, and inert ingredients that are typically not labeled. In many cases chemicals linked to human and environmental harm are found included in these products. Thankfully, there are safer approaches to keep those bugs away. To help you navigate the chemical confusion, we’re identifying a few of the top ingredient offenders and exploring alternative options. As always, the best way to shop products that have been vetted for human and environmental health is to look for the MADE SAFE® seal—scroll to the bottom for MADE SAFE certified bug solutions.


MADE SAFE Tips for Your Safer Sunscreen Search

When it comes to finding safer sunscreen, it can be difficult navigating the many options out there. In this post, we highlight some of the active ingredients to avoid, and offer better alternatives. We’ve also listed MADE SAFE® certified sunscreen options to help you shop with confidence. If you just want the product recommendations, skip to the bottom!


Hormones and the Skin

The Surprising Ways that Environmental Factors Can Affect Your Skin


Hormones and the skin image

I recently participated in a Clubhouse conversation arranged and moderated by Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS, a clinical nutritionist and host of The Healthy Skin Show, and Rachael Pontillo, a MADE SAFE advisor and plant-based skincare expert, about hormones and how they impact the skin. Also speaking were Jill Crista, ND and Carrie Jones, MD – each an expert in this area.


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Toxic Chemicals in Hand Soap

Toxic chemicals in hand soap image

Hand soap: you use it every day, but have you ever turned the bottle around and wondered what’s in there? Or perhaps, the better question to ask is, what shouldn’t be in there? Take a look at a few of the common ingredients added into liquid hand soap formulations to learn what to avoid.

Skip to the bottom for better hand soap solutions.


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Toxic Chemicals in Hand Sanitizer

Toxic chemicals in hand sanitizer image

Hand washing with soap is considered the first line of defense for hygiene, but when that option isn’t available, hand sanitizers are a big help. The first thing to consider when shopping for hand sanitizer is the active ingredient, which is the ingredient that performs the sanitizing.


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Nontoxic Intimacy: Ingredients of Concern in Sexual Health Products

Nontoxic Intimacy blog graphicValentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love of all kinds. While our kids are writing notes and sending chocolates, we can’t help but think about the different forms of intimacy. And thinking about intimacy leads us to the concerning ingredients found in many sexual health products.

This blog is filled with tips for avoiding yucky ingredients that have no place in your intimacy plans. Products that are used in sensitive areas of your body are especially important to consider, as the tissue in these areas is more permeable than the rest of your skin. That’s why sexual health products should not be made with or contaminated by potentially harmful or harsh ingredients. Read on to learn about some common ingredients better left outside of the bedroom. (more…)

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#ChemicalCallout: Diethanolamine

Diethanolamine graphic

What Is Diethanolamine?

Diethanolamine is a substance that is most commonly used to create more complex ingredients that are used in a wide range of personal care products, cosmetics, cleaning products, and household goods. This includes, shampoos, cosmetics, deodorant, hair dye, dishwashing detergents and chemicals used in the production of textiles. 


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