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Microplastics – Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

The need for Plastic Free July extends beyond the plastic pollution that we can see with the naked eye.

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Plastics are relatively new to the world, having only existed for a little over one hundred years. As is the case with so many chemicals in use today, plastics have been used widely since their conception, proliferating in our environment prior to our having a complete understanding of their effects. For this reason, we are more or less living in an uncontrolled experiment on the effects of plastic chemistries.


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New MADE SAFE Certified Products from H. Honeycup

H. Honeycup product group graphicFounder Cindy Barberes’ experience of a family member struggling with addiction inspired a commitment to clean products created with quality, safety, and transparency in mind. Cindy’s goal with each H. Honeycup product is to exceed the current practices in the U.S. beauty and cosmetics industry to ensure H.Honeycup’s products are supportive of a clean and nontoxic lifestyle. In fact, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps them heal mind and body naturally.


New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship product photoFounder Jana Blankenship started her personal care product company Captain Blankenship in 2009 with a passion for organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. Drawing inspiration from her own experience with chemical sensitivity, Jana (pronounced like Yana) developed an appreciation for effective natural ingredients in products. She found, with diligence and determination, it was possible to formulate efficacious hair care while still being gentle on humans and the environment. If you think that sounds like a good match for MADE SAFE – it is!


Choosing the Right Sunscreen this Season

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Safe sunscreen is one of the products that concerned consumers ask about most. We want to protect our skin from the damaging, possibly carcinogenic rays while enjoying time outdoors, in nature, getting sun-kissed without having to worry about chemicals. Sadly, sunscreen is complicated. Sometimes the chemicals that are designed to protect skin can be harmful to our health in other ways and harsh to other elements in nature, particularly aquatic life such as fish or coral reefs.

Does this mean we should skip the sunscreen?


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New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Divine Tandav

Divine Tandav blog post graphicWe are thrilled to introduce new MADE SAFE® Certified personal care products from Divine Tandav. Formulated using traditional family recipes handed down through the generations, Divine Tandav’s founder, Muktha, has a wealth of wisdom to share when it comes to natural botanicals. Divine Tandav is committed to making effective products that safeguard the health of humans and the environment, which has led them to MADE SAFE Certification. Learn more about Divine Tandav’s story and their newly MADE SAFE Certified products in our exclusive interview with Muktha.


Celebrate Earth Day by Refusing Single-Use Plastics

Earth Day 2022 blog post graphic

As we celebrate Earth Day, the MADE SAFE® team is looking at ways that we can refuse single-use plastic, and even reduce the amount of plastic we consume – period.

There are so many issues related to plastic pollution – it causes problems for our health, our aquatic ecosystems, our food systems, and our communities. The ubiquitous problem of plastic as a material encompasses everything from endocrine disruption to a lack of biodegradability, and many more issues in-between. For this reason, MADE SAFE Certification does not permit the use of single-use plastic in any Certified products and we encourage sustainable packaging practices.


Bee Friendly – How Ditching Pesticides Can Help Pollinators

Ditch harmful pesticides and protect a vital part of our ecosystem.

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Pollinators are crucial to life on earth. Many varieties of plants – fruits and vegetables included – rely on animals for pollination, which is essentially the reproductive fertilization of the plant. Honey bees are perhaps one of the best-known pollinators, but other animals and insects such as ants, butterflies, beetles, and birds act as pollinators as well.


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MADE SAFE’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

MADE SAFE's Guide to Safe Cleaning image

Spring is nature’s way of offering a fresh beginning. With the season upon us, we’re reminded to take stock and start anew – which must be why so many people feel inspired to do spring cleaning!  Below, you will find our list of areas to focus on cleaning this spring, including product recommendations to help you get the job done. There’s no need to use the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products that pollute your indoor air and harm your health. The MADE SAFE® Certified products we recommend below have earned the MADE SAFE seal by going through our rigorous certification process to ensure that they are ecosystem-sound, meaning they are safe for humans, the environment, and the fellow creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

Happy ‘clean’ cleaning!


Phytonutrients & Why You Should Eat the Rainbow

Eat the Rainbow blog graphic

Dr. Deanna Minich, nutrition researcher, functional medicine doctor, and advisor to MADE SAFE, recently appeared on the Discover podcast with Dr. Dan to discuss the benefits of eating a varied and colorful diet. Dr. Minich describes phytonutrients, compounds found in plants that benefit the gut microbiome and overall health, and how to incorporate these into your diet.


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Harmful Chemicals Found in Winter Gear


Harmful chemicals found in winter gear graphic

In the wintertime, perhaps more than any other time of year, we prize our gear. Particularly our outdoor gear making it possible and even fun to be adventuring in the wind, cold, rain and fog. I suppose that’s why they say, there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. Bottom line, if you’re enjoying outdoor activities, you’ve got performance gear on.


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