We, a nonprofit organization certifying consumer products that are made with safe and/or nontoxic ingredients, and Advancing Green Chemistry (AGC), a nonprofit that facilitates laboratory testing for new chemistries, have announced a strategic partnership as of November 2015 and going forward.

We are starting a product revolution. In this new norm, manufacturers will feel market pressure to avoid ingredients with known or likely human health risks, according to the best existing science and medical evidence. Year by year, we aim to demonstrate a growing market demand for nontoxic products. As progressive companies gain market share and profits, they will form a lobbying constituency with clout, funds, job growth, and other influence to support necessary legislation at the state and federal level. If we simply wait for our legislatures to act, we will likely wait a very long time. We provide an immediate solution to the problem of unregulated industrial chemicals in consumer goods, and act as a catalyst for wider change with a market-based vision.

In order to change how products are made, we bestow a Seal of Approval on products that meet stringent ingredient standards and production criteria. We currently have two phases / levels of certification: MADE SAFE and MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified™.

  • To receive the MADE SAFE certification, products must undergo a rigorous paper screening that includes supply chain scrutiny as well as safety data information and full disclosure of every item in a given product, regardless of trade secrets. Product ingredients are screened against our Toxicant Database as well as other known modeling data capabilities (such as Ecosar, Q-sar, Eco-suite) by a scientist, and further vetted by the Made Safe team.
  • To receive the MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified™ seal, products must pass the MADE SAFE certification process and then undergo laboratory testing as well. Testing is done to whole product mixture and is conducted once every two years (or as formulations, ingredients, or other supply chain changes occur).

The Toxicant Database is based on existing science. Laboratory testing is designed to capture possible toxicity that may not yet be outlined in scientific literature, and is therefore not yet part of the database or modeling tools. The biological screens are designed to probe broadly for complex systemic effects. Testing guidelines are developed in conjunction with chemists, doctors, researchers and subject matter experts. We provide businesses and consumers with a trusted third party verification system.

Given that we are not a scientific organization, but one that heavily relies on science for our processes, we wanted to form a relationship with another independent entity in order to partner on the scientific portion of our processes.

We are pleased to have found the perfect partner in Advancing Green Chemistry (AGC). AGC develops practical tools to probe difficult toxicity endpoints to aid green chemists in creating safer products. AGC developed and facilitates the use of the TiPED testing protocol (http://www.tipedinfo.com/) that can delve deeply into a chemical’s potential to act as an endocrine disruptor. For MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified, AGC will apply part of its TiPED platform to screen whole products for a wide range of possible toxicities.

The pace of scientific discoveries in how chemicals act in biological systems is staggering. It is imperative that the MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified seal accurately reflect and incorporate the latest research discoveries. That is one reason why re-certification is necessary, and why AGC is committed to incorporating new science and better screening assays in the testing protocol as they become available.

We have formed a strategic partnership with AGC to carry out a majority of lab testing for our MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified seal. They are also providing additional scientific support for our MADE SAFE screening process when requested. The AGC team is led by Pete Myers, PhD, co-author of Our Stolen Future and Founder and Chief Scientist at Environmental Health Sciences; as well as Julie Jones, Executive Director of Advancing Green Chemistry.

We are delighted and honored to be working as sister organizations with AGC. Our teams are mutually aligned in the desire to further green chemistry as the best approach to solving the current chemical conundrum plaguing consumers, manufacturers, and retailers today. AGC and the TiPED platform provides the scientific framework for us to carryout our Nontoxic Certification process so that we can bring this seal to market and create real marketplace change.

MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certification is the future of safe and sustainable product manufacturing. In partnership with AGC, we are making it easier for manufacturers to construct safe goods, easier for retailers to select products that are safe for their customers, and easier for shoppers to identify and buy better goods for themselves and their families.