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Hazard List graphicThe MADE SAFE Hazard List™ of Chemicals, Materials and Ingredients names some of the worst toxic chemical offenders across product categories, as well as chemicals we frequently receive questions about, including what they are, where they’re found, and how they impact human or environmental health, and aquatic or animal life. This list is intended to provide guidance on common hazards in the marketplace.

Each item on this list is backed by science from government agencies, scientific organizations, or research specialists from around the world. This is by no means a comprehensive list of chemicals that are not permitted in MADE SAFE certified products; that list is well into the thousands and is too cumbersome to share in a digestible format. Rather than expect people to sift through endless lists of chemicals, we provide the MADE SAFE seal on products for instant assurance.

This is why the MADE SAFE seal exists: we’ve done the hard work and the homework for you. We vet product ingredients for toxic chemicals known to harm human health and ecosystems.

The MADE SAFE Hazard List™ is a shortcut to knowing more about what is not included in any of our certified products, no matter the company, type of product, or where it’s sold.

We constantly search for alternatives and are creating awareness around the need for green chemistry for safe substitutions at the company, manufacturer, and raw supplier level. We also are interested in seeing stricter regulations. Until then, our goal is to move manufacturers and suppliers to commit to providing better, cleaner, and safer ingredient alternatives. If you are a company interested in working with us start here.

We hope one day to work ourselves out of existence – when ultimately, every product on shelves is made with safe ingredients. In the meantime, we believe in arming people with knowledge while we go about changing the way products are made.