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Pleni Naturals productsHave you ever heard the saying that your skin care should be safe enough to eat? Allyson Owens, founder of Pleni Naturals, took that to heart in formulating her baby balm, baby oil, and hair & body wash. Allyson is a former aesthetician and experienced product developer with over 15 years working in the skincare industry, and crafted each product with organic fruit and vegetable ingredients like mango butter, cucumber oil, olive oil, apple-based cleansing agents, and vanilla fruit extract.

Now we’re proud to announce that Pleni Naturals products are also MADE SAFE™ certified! It’s important to look for the MADE SAFE seal on products we put on our bodies and our babies’ bodies because many personal care products can contain parabens (linked to breast cancer), synthetic fragrance chemicals like phthalates (linked to reproductive harm) and synthetic musks (hormone disruptors that build up in our bodies), and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives linked to cancer.

The MADE SAFE seal on Pleni Naturals Berry + Olive Baby Balm, Cucumber + Grape Baby Oil, and Apple + Broccoli Hair and Body Wash means that they’re made entirely with safe ingredients that aren’t known or suspected to harm human health or the environment.

The Pleni Naturals mission is to create natural and organic skin care products that are not only safe to use, but also inspire a lifelong love of fruits and veggies–which is a neat tool for parents looking to cultivate that love in their children! Find Pleni Naturals products here.

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