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Why is shopping for your BFF so hard? Maybe it’s because the stakes feel a little high: you want to give something that reflects how much you care, which includes something that is safer and sustainable. We know that can feel overwhelming, so we’ve curated a collection of our favorite certified gifts that your BFF will love.

Freegirl AHA Gel Mask image

Ambitious AHA Gel Mask

BRAND NEW! Freegirl’s new Gel Mask is crafted with botanicals for a plant-powdered no-scrub exfoliant. The perfect addition to your BFF’s skin care regimen. 


Kate Mcleod Naked Stone image

Kate McLeod

The NAKED STONE is a moisturizer shaped like, well, a stone. It melts when it comes in contact with your skin, providing nourishing oils that leave skin feeling quenched and replenished. We love that the stone comes in a bamboo canister that can be refilled. Your BFF will love this innovative and luxurious approach to moisturizing from newly certified Kate McLeod. 


Annmarie Skin Care Safer Scents image

Annmarie Skin Care
Pure Essential Oil Blends

Snag a set of Annmarie’s essential oils blends, five pure Aromatherapy blends each with distinct properties. Or shop individual blends! The oils can be used for diffusing, as natural perfume, or to add scent to your friend’s favorite products. 


Pura - Adult Bottle blue image

Pura Stainless

Sport Bottle

These totally plastic-free water bottles come in numerous colors so you can find the exact one that fits your BFF’s vibe. 


Kaelen Harwell - Activated Charcoal Mask image

Kaelen Harwell
Activated Charcoal Mask

Activated charcoal is totally in right now. This mask uses charcoal alongside aloe vera with the goal of detoxifying and purifying the skin. 


Sustain - Organic Lubricant image

Sustain Natural

Organic Lubricant

Lubricant… for your BFF? Yep. Here’s some real talk: as women, as we age, our estrogen can drop, which can mean a drop in vaginal lubrication. Lubricant is a lifesaver to make sex enjoyable again. The problem is that this is something we don’t often talk about with our gal pals. That can mean we find ourselves wandering the drug store aisles and picking up a conventional lubricant that is laden with icky stuff you don’t want inside your body. Be a shero and share this lubricant with your BFF – chances are she’ll thank you for the real talk. And hey, if you aren’t experiencing any changes in vaginal moisture, this lube is for you too—because it’s just plain wonderful.